Dark World Conversations

With RJ Kelsay

Join us in the dark and dystopian worlds as host RJ Kelsay discusses the eerie similarities between dystopian fiction and our own historical events. In this thought-provoking podcast, we have in-depth discussions, we explore the origins, causes, and consequences that transformed once vibrant fictional worlds into nightmarish landscapes, both in film and literature.

We try to draw parallels between fiction and reality and examine both historical and current events that bear semblance to the darkest aspects of these fictional realms. As we explore the intersections, we invite listeners to contemplate how humanity's past and present connect to these narratives, sparking conversations about power, morality, and the human condition.

Episodes air every week, so tune in to "Dark World Conversations with RJ Kelsay" for conversations that ignite your thought processes. Join the conversation!

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