Year 2122

Prelude to the Storm

President William Charles was stretching his legs and taking a leisurely stroll through the White House. He just had finished new negotiations on raising the debt ceiling and needed a breather. All of a sudden he spotted Bill Nielson, Vice-President of the United States of America coming toward him.

“I heard that it was hell in the negotiations today.” Bill commented with a wry grin as he approached.

William heaved a sigh and replied, “As always, Bill, you have the gift of understatement. The Republican committee had no problems. The Democrats wanted some more spending on social programs for the poor, but my god the American Now party wanted to end all spending, minus of course spending for the defense. They wanted to gut Social Security and Medicaid. While I have no problems cutting some funding for programs that leave people wanting to be unemployed, I refuse to gut all social programs.”

Bill tossed a sympathetic look at his commander and friend. “I swear that the American Now are a bunch of psychopaths. Do they want people to suffer?” These people truly baffled Bill most of the time.

“I don’t know, but what would I give to stop that smug look on Kathleen Hand’s face. She thinks she has all the power. She still hasn’t seen that the American Now party is small compared to the Democrats and Republicans. At least the Speaker of the House, Melissa Carthage, is open to some kind of plan. I’m just glad that I can’t run a third time. In 2063 me and Amanda will be enjoying our retirement at home with the grandkids.” The President replied, joy clear in his voice as he mentioned his wife and grandchildren.

William pictured the future in his mind’s eye. Taking his children and grandchildren fishing. Finally getting out of the limelight and taking some romantic trips with his wife Amanda with the time that they had left. ‘Neither of us are spring chickens,’ William thought.

“Well I have some news, then. I plan on running for President.” Bill stated proudly.

“I’m happy for you. You have my full support.” William replied with a smile as he patted Bill’s shoulder.

“I appreciate it.” Bill smiled as he and William shook hands.

In a dark cellar, a figure clad in a dark outfit, intently watched the press conference displayed on the television hanging on a wall.

“I would like to announce that I plan on running for President of the United States,” Bill Nielson, the current Vice President announced on live TV. The figure obscured in darkness slowly began smiling. Three figures approached from the side. Two were men with armbands around their biceps and the other a petite older looking woman who appeared to be in her fifties. The woman adjusted her glasses, tucking a strand of her brown hair behind her ear; she may have looked as if she was approaching her senior years but she had aged prematurely and was only thirty-five. The two men stood on either side of her as if they were her bodyguards.

The seated dark figure decided to switch off the press conference and ordered, “TV off.” He stood from his chair and approached the woman with deliberate intent, speaking confidently, “Kathleen, good to see you again,”

He glanced dismissively over at the guards, “Leave us,” he ordered. The guards left with the dismissal and the dark figure led the woman, Kathleen Hand, to a chair.

“My lord Cain, I report that the debt ceiling is still in negotiations.” Kathleen reported, smiling in satisfaction.

“This pleases me,” the shadow man replied, “President Charles is a weak fool. He should have taken a more aggressive stand; but this works to our advantage. With his bungling of the wasp flu, the pull out in Botswana and now the debt ceiling debacle - the American people might look for better leadership.” The shrouded figure known as Cain continued with his own satisfied smirk.

“Our kind of leadership.” Kathleen returned with a smirk of her own.

To be continued in Nazi America Storm by RJ Kelsay available now on Amazon.

By RJ Kelsay